Sunday, December 04, 2005

Meet our Newest Board of Director Members

Hi All - Despite being the crazy Holiday Shopping, Picking and Packing Your Orders time of Year for us, Michelle couldn't resist introducing you all to our newest Board of Director Members (Rescues).

As most of our regular customers know, we donate a portion of our website and eBay sales to animal rescue organizations here in southern Arizona ... We also do some rescuing ourselves!

These three cuties were to be culled/killed by a local goat farmer as their mothers were technically too young to have babies and were going to be culled/killed because they aren't purebred Boer's... We, however, stepped in to rescue them yesterday (Saturday 12/03/05).
These little ones are still being hand bottle-fed and will be for another ~45 to 60 days -- They are, however, a bit sick & we're taking them to the vet tomorrow -- seems they have a respiratory infection/problem ...
I'm sure they'll be OK though... just a cold to get over!
They have a large crate they sleep in in our family-room -- The dogs & cats aren't quite sure what to make of them yet.
Yep, as my sister, Kris says, "We're officially over the edge"!!!

Please meet:


Capra, we are told, is a Boer-Sannan mix who is the most active of the three & loves frolicking and suckling Michelle's fingers and bleeting when she's hungry. I chose the name Capra because Amalthea (the Goat Goddess who suckled Zeus) was just too much of a mouth-full to say!


Nuba is Dad/Joe's goat who we're told is a Nubian & Boer mix. She's got long ears and a sweet disposition. She also seems to have a bad hind leg that's somewhat stiff... poor thing!

and last but not least....


Pan is Mom/Dianna's and is definately a runt of the litter and is only about 4 days old... he's also the sickest right now. We're told he's a boer mix, but not sure with what. He's off to the vet tomorrow along with the other two to get their shots & a good check-up.

{On a sad note, Pan passed 2 days after this picture was taken due to severe GI and respiratory infections he'd contracted previous to us rescuing him. His passing has saddened us greatly though he was only with us a few short days.}

Well, that's it for now & we wish everyone a Wonderful, Safe & Happy Holiday Season!
BB, ==Michelle
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