Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Beads Arriving Daily

You're Gonna be Boggled by Our Newest Beads now being Uploaded (Nearly daily) to the Website!!

The latest arrival is the newest, hottest beads now entering the jewelry designing sphere called SEA SEDIMENT JASPER. This gorgous stone is also called : Aqua Terra Jasper and/or Variscite.

To take a look @ this gorgeous new gemstone, please click here -- Sea Sediment Jasper

You'll also find many new types of Beads in new categories, including :
Pandora-type Beads | Troll-type Beads

Polymer Clay Beads

and (since you've been writing us to separate them):

Graduated Beads Necklace-Ready Beads

And SUPRISE! -- We haven't had them in stock for nearly 4 years now, but they're BAAAACK!!!
Gemstone Box Clasps

We Hope You'll Stop on In & Take A Long Look Around!!!

Many Thanks again for a Fantastic 2009...
==Michelle, Dianna & Joe
The Family-Owned & Operated Team of
Silver Enchantments LLC