Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mother's Day Sale Going On Now

Mother's Day Sale
Save up to 65% off -- And Other News...
Mother's Day Sale & Facebook Freebie
Mother's Day Sale - We've gathered some of our top picks for gifts for Mom, from pretty pendants and clasps to earrings and popular jewelry making components.

So whether you're wanting to craft for mom or prefer to purchase hand-made, we've got Mother's Day gift ideas for you.

We've also included some things that have Never been on Sale... Items that we Cast and one-of-a kind jewelry creations... 

Have a look around and find something special for Mom this Mother's Day.

-- AND --  

Yes, all of these sale items also qualify for our Automatic Additional Savings Discounts -- Save an additional 10% to 35%!

Free Shipping on U.S. Orders $40+ as well.

Sale ends Tuesday, April 30, 2013.


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New Arrivals
Be sure to check our New Arrivals Category Often.

You'll save 20% off for the 1st 7 days on New Arrivals. Visit our website to check them out!

Our New Wax Pot is Now In and Working & Joe's Eyes are Better, so Casting Shall Commence Again Tomorrow (Sunday - April 28, 2013).

We apologize that so many items we make are currently Out of Stock...

Please continue to add yourself to the wait-list (you'll find the 'Add Me to the Wait-List' button on those items we cast that are out of stock) -- I am using this list to squirt waxes from first.

If you've ever wondered how we do this, check out our YouTube Video :
The Lost Wax Casting Method - Silver Enchantments
The Lost Wax Casting Method - Silver Enchantments

As always, if you need to place a custom-cast, pre-order (more than 25-pieces of any one item), please contact us privately as these will be cast first. 

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Thank you so much for your support of Silver Enchantments. We are a family business now entering our 11th year on-line. 

We know there are many choices out there & we sincerely Thank you!


Michelle, Dianna & Joe
The Daughter, Mom & Pop team of Silver Enchantments LLC

Friday, April 12, 2013

New Wax Pot Finally In... Please Use Wait-list Capability

Oh Boy!

As some of you know, our wax injection pot crapped out a few weeks ago... So did the back-up one -- and, of course, they couldn't be fixed! LOL!

Our brand new one just came in & I've spend the past few hours breaking it in for a couple of custom-casting jobs contracted yesterday & this morning.

Soooo.... Please be sure to wait-list those items you're needing me to cast & we'll get them done ASAP.


Monday, April 08, 2013

Miyuki to Toho Conversion Chart

Miyuki to Toho Conversion Chart
Looking for a specific color, but you only have Miyuki Beads or Toho Seed Bead Numbers? Our  handy chart will help you convert one color to another! The chart shows the color equivalents between TOHO® Aiko and Miyuki® Delicas. Please be aware that the colors are not always identical and this chart represent the closest match available. The size and shape of Toho and Miyuki beads are very similar and you can ‘mix & match’ the two brands in your beadwork.

For more about Seed Bead Finishes, Sizing Information, Counts per Gram, etc., please see our Seed Beads FAQ section.

Miyuki to Toho Numbers Conversion Chart can be found at : Miyuki to Toho Conversion Chart

We hope this helps in your Jewelry Making Projects!
==Michelle Silver Enchantments

Friday, April 05, 2013

Czech Glass Bead Finishes

Czech Glass Bead Finishes Bookmark and Share
Czech Glass Bead FinishesCzech Glass Bead Finishes and Coatings - Finishes Defined
Czech Glass Beads
Aurora Borealis (AB) - 1/2 coat metallic finish that adds a prismatic effect to the surface of the bead. Sometimes referred to as an Iridescent or Rainbow coating. This finish is often applied to one side of fire polished beads whiles the fire-polished bead is hot. This creates a rainbow or prism effect on the bead surface. The beads are placed in an oven where a chemical reaction between metals produces fumes that adhere to the exposed surfaces of the bead. Usually this coating is only applied to one side of the bead; however there are some shapes,that can easily be coated on both sides for a more dramatic effect.
Marea - Metallic Finish - Same process as AB but results in a primarily orange/yellow reflection.

Vitral - Metallic Finish - Same process as AB but results in a primarily pink/green reflection.

Matte - Tumbled to create a subdued look. Transforms the beads from transparent to translucent. The surface texture of a bead depends on the length of time it is tumbled. Instead of being tumble polished to a bright shine, the matte finish creates a soft appearance or glow to the bead. Throughout the tumbling process the surface alternates from being matted to polished and it is up to the manufacturing experts to calculate the perfect tumbling time. The matted effect can also be created by dipping the beads into an acid solution. This is the preferred method when creating matte AB finishes or working with delicate beads such as lampwork.

Matte AB - A combination of the above coatings. The beads are first coated with an AB finish and then dipped into an acid solution to take away the shine. This combination brings out the prismatic color refraction of the AB finish and the rough texture of the matted bead creates a mesmerizing glow and an unbelievable depth to the bead.

Luster - Sometimes referred to as Lustre. This is an incredibly popular bead coating. Durable, transparent, glossy color coating on glass beads that is heat treated like a glaze. These coatings are usually applied to a crystal or jet based bead; however there are limitless combinations that are becoming increasingly popular. On light beads a luster coating may add only a subtle hint of color, whereas dark beads may have the complete opposite effect.
Some examples include:

Vega  - Siam Ruby based bead with a luster transparent amethyst coating
Hematite - Jet based bead with a clear luster coating

Picasso - A luster coating that appears more speckled and spotty; giving the bead a natural, earthy appearance. The color can vary from light yellow to dark brown with underlying color variations. Some base bead colors, such as opaque beige, blue or white allow the picasso finish to take on a raku pottery look.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013 Activated

Asked for & we're here to please...

Just a quick note to let you know that a mobile version of our website has been activated.

Here's the mobile URL :

If you have any problems with it, please let us know.

Thank you!!!

Monday, April 01, 2013

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