Friday, August 27, 2010

Turquoise Nuggets & Magnesite Nuggets... New Section!

Hello Everybody!
By popular repeated request, our Turquoise Nuggets & Magnesite Nuggets now have their very own section on our site.

Please click below to view.

Unfortunately I'll be unable to make any further radical changes to the site (such as compartmentalizing certain styles) until much later this year... See our last post regarding the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Thanks Everybody for Your Continued Patronage!
Silver Enchantments LLC

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's KCRF Time Again! - Casting Delays Now in Effect

Dianna & Joe will be leaving August 25th to set up our booth for the 34th Annual KC Renaissance Festival (running Sept. 4th - Oct. 17th). It's the only show we do each year & the ONLY place you'll find our Finished Jewelry.

If you're in the Kansas City Area, and attend the Faire we hope you'll Stop by & say "Hello" to 'da man' of Silver Enchantments, Joe! -- He'll be there for the run!

Well, except for 1 weekend, when he flies back here to do the Casting!!!

So, Head's Up! -- CASTING DELAYS, therefore, are in effect... as always published in our Ordering Terms / Policies page.

If you ordered before this weekend any custom-cast items (bulk quantities in Sterling Silver, any Custom-Cast Copper or Solid 14k Gold), you're good to go... Michelle squirted, mounted & invested them this weekend -- Joe cast This Morning -- and I'll (Michelle) be finishing it up over the next few days for shipment!!!

Our next casting will not be until Joe's return for 1 week beginning September 17th.

If you miss that deadline, he'll be casting again early November when he returns from the show.

For more about our involvement in the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, please click the link above!

As Always with Sincere Thanks,
==Michelle, Dianna & Joe
Silver Enchantments LLC
"Where Metal & Magick Meet!"
Thank You For Helping Us Help Animals in Our Little Corner of the World...

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Beads Arriving This Week!

Hi Everybody!
Just a quick note to let you know 2 Shipments of New Beads and Jewelry Findings will be arriving this Week... One tomorrow (8/17/10) & another by this Friday (8/20/10).

We're hoping this shipment will contain the long-awaited Pandora Style Bead Stoppers!!!

Please keep an eye out for the New Stuff on our New, New Stuff Pages... 

About that was in the last post.

BB & thanks so much again!

==Michelle, Dianna & Joe
Silver Enchantments LLC

Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Stuff! -- New Arrivals Section Now Available!

Thanks to all of our Wonderful Customers, we've been growing so quickly lately, it's become harder for our regular, repeat customers to find our new things easily.

Beginning in August, I've decided to begin posting our New Arrivals all in one section - By Month! -- As well as in their 'proper' website areas.

Our Newest Items for August can now be located at:
New Beads - New Jewelry Findings - New Charms

We hope this makes your shopping experience for our newest items a bit easier!!!

Here's a Preview of Some of Our Most Recent Arrivals:

Sea Sediment Jasper | Aqua Terra Jasper

Multi-Colored Glass Pearls

New Pandora-Style Beads

Turquoise Magnesite Nuggets

Again-- Our Newest Items for August can now be found at:
New Beads - New Jewelry Findings - New Charms

Much Thanks Once Again Everybody!!!
==Michelle, Dianna & Joseph
Silver Enchantments LLC