Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest - New - March 2013 Board Created

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CzechMates 2-Hole Beads - NEW!

CzechMates (also called "two hole tile beads") are flat, square, pressed glass beads with two parallel holes. This style of bead, which is manufactured in the Czech Republic, was originally produced in the 1930s and was recently reintroduced. Each CzechMate Tile Bead measures 6mm square by about 3mm thick and has rounded edges (unlike the sharper edges of two-hole Tila beads). CzechMates' holes are 1.25mm in diameter, making them appropriate for beadweaving with a needle and multiple passes of thread. We hope you will enjoy our selection of CzechMates Tile Beads, CzechMates Brick Beads, CzechMates Lentil Beads and CzechMates Dagger Beads.
CzechMates Two Hole Beads
CzechMates Tile BeadsCzechMates Brick BeadsCzechMates Dagger BeadsCzechMates LentilBeads