Thursday, January 10, 2008

Copper Wolf & Crystal Heart Set - Make Your Own Bella's Bracelet


We've been selling Custom-Cast Copper Charms and Jewelry Findings since 2000, but, we kept getting eMails for a heart to go with our copper wolf since late 2007...
We wondered, why???

Well, apparently in 2005 Stephenie Meyer began writing her “Twilight” series of books -- I've heard there's a movie coming out soon too!!

Due to Popular Request (yes, we do respond to your requests), We Proudly Present:

Copper Wolf and Crystal Heart SET
You'll Receive a Custom-Cast Copper Wolf AND Crystal Heart SET.
Our Wolves are SOLID Copper (NOT Plated or with a Copper Finish!!!) Crystal Heart is 14mm with AB Finish.

Available in 2 Different Styles
Small Wolf (#1075) or Large Howling Wolf (#1758)